Infantry Rifle BUFF | New Fortnite Meta?

Infantry Rifle Buff

In Patch V8.20 the infantry rifle changed for the better. Fortnite had changed it’s shooting method to hitscan instead of projectile. This is a major update because it has a three hit kill and is fairly common easy to find among the map.

Damage Per Rarity

  • Common (Gray)
    • DPS 152
    • Damage Per Hit 38
    • Reload Time 3.8 Seconds
    • Structure damage 38
  • Uncommon (Green)
    • DPS 160
    • Damage Per Hit 40
    • Reload time 2.4 Seconds
    • Structure Damage 40
  • Rare (Light Blue)
    • DPS 168
    • Damage Per Hit 42
    • Reload Time 2.3 Seconds
    • Structure Damage 42

Also, most of the bigger streamers are agreeing that this is now a viable late game gun that has good accuracy, damage, and feel.

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