The Floor is Lava LTM

Fortnite Floor is Lava LTM

Fortnite has brought out a new LTM and with it is a very different mode. First, there is The Storm and lava. Once the lava starts rising you better get moving to high ground because everything gets really fast really quick! The lava is deadly doing twenty damage per hit on you (only effects health) So you can die in only five hits!


During The Floor is Lava wood, stone, and metal passively so don’t worry about materials this time 😂. I recommend that you get to the highest point on the map and build a one by one and pillar up (metal is what I recommended). Make sure to get an RPG or a grenade launcher they are great late game and don’t use ammo that you need for PVPing.

Good luck and have fun. Make sure not to get killed from the lava follow the tips above and you should have an increased chance of winning.

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